The Clutch experience helps you quickly get the information and services you need.

We've built this to help you provide the best care, while balancing the rest of your personal and professional life.

Easy-to-Access Resources

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In-Work Office Hours

Stop by Clutch office hours at your workplace to address burning questions with a Coach.


Online Tools

Our online tools help you know you are providing the best care through simple checklists paired with recommended products and services.



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Daily Services

Easily complete daily chores,
like transportation to and
from an appointment, food delivery, and home management.

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Status Updates

Have piece of mind with immediate notifications of
on-demand services.


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1-on-1 Coaching

Schedule time with your dedicated Coach for a private 20-30 minute session to define your short and long term goals.

Coaches will address your immediate needs and build a customized plan for you and your family.


Learn how Clutch can empower your team.