The Clutch Story

Colt Stander started Clutch after seeing his mom support four family members over a five year period. While she helped three generations through a diverse set of health challenges, she amazingly maintained her full time job and two family businesses.

Colt set out to find support for the chaos caused by day-to-day chores and not knowing what to do. After much searching, Colt learned that the gold standard, Geriatric Care Management, was especially expensive at up to $200 an hour! Seeing this, he knew he needed to find a way to make this type of support more affordable for the rest of us.


Colt Stander

Colt Stander has spent his career empowering people to have healthier lives. As of late, he’s developed products ranging from fitness trackers to decision support software for Abbott Diabetes Care, Intel, and Basis Science. Colt is a board member at the Community Living Campaign and the SF Tech Council and has served on the boards of the San Francisco Adult Day Services Network and the YMCA Urban Services.

Colt studied Industrial Design at Purdue University and received his MBA at Harvard Business School. He is also a world-champion trapshooter and afraid of heights.


Kay Parekh

Kay Parekh is a gerontologist and a certified geriatric care manager with experience in the field of eldercare and dementia care since 2008. She has worked with older adults, their caregivers and families at UCSF's Memory and Aging Center, The Community Living Fund, The Family Caregiver Alliance, CPMC's Brain Health Institute and in private practice. She is on the advisory board of SF's Dept of Adult and Aging Services, and the SF Tech Council and was a long time board member at the Institute on Aging.

Kay has Master's degrees in Counseling Psychology and Business Administration from Temple University and a Master's degree in Gerontology from SF State. She's run 6 half-marathons, loves to hike and wishes all desserts had zero calories.


Clutch is proudly based in San Francisco, CA and supports families across the US.


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